I was at W+K London for about 3 years, first as a freelancer, then as the lead writer on the Guardian. I worked on this Lurpak campaign with Sophie Bodoh and Ben Everitt.


This execution was on 48 sheets all around London.

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Interestingly, this poster ‘Salvation’ which was part of the next year’s campaign, and which we didn’t work on, was a multi-award winner and one of Campaign’s top posters of the decade.


I’m just saying it’s interesting.

The Guardian was also a very interesting account to work on. This was a campaign we produced for their new year content.


These were the special offer ads, I’m still proud of these headlines.

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In the paper it looked like this. The illustrations are by Anthony Burrill.


There was even some TV.

Sometimes we did one-offs. I always liked this one (although my favourite execution was a snake on a ladder).


We also had them start this competition. Which seems obvious now, but this was in 2011 remember.


I also worked on this campaign for their podcasts with another great illustrator, James Dawe.



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And we did this one with Olly Moss, before he was famous yeah?




We also did some fun radio. I spent many happy hours persuading Nigel Slater to say the word ‘pudding’ over and over.


Here some nice Honda press ads I wrote …

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